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"Hi Christophe


Many, many thanks for these photos - we have shown them to friends and family and everyone is just in awe of how beautiful they are. A lot have said that they wished their wedding photographs were as stunning as ours. We were hoping for a couple of lovely shots to go in frames around the house - the problem now is that we have too many lovely shots and we can't decide which ones we will use! A very nice dilemma to have.

I love the way you have framed the shots, and you have captured all of the many moods of the day perfectly, from the frantic getting ready to the emotion in the church and from the frivolity of the church exit to the laughter (and tears) of the evening. You also managed to capture things when I wasn't even aware that you were there...!


Toby and I both agree that we couldn't have asked for more (although perhaps a less tired and grumpy 3 year old would have helped for the later pics). You have given us more than photographs, you have given us very precious memories.


Many, many thanks again Christophe, please use this as a recommendation on your website, and feel free to give our contact details to anyone as a reference.

Best regards

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